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phpMyAdmin Operations

This tutorial covers the following topics:

There are different operations which you can perform on the whole database and on a separate table.

Database Operations

First, open the phpMyAdmin and then go to the Databases tab. Select a database and navigate to the Operations tab. A new page opens on which you can find all the possible operations which you can use on a database.

The first section is named Create table. It allows you to create a new table under the current database. Enter the table name and the number of the fields. Then click on Go to start the creation of the new table.

The second section is named Rename database to. It allows you to rename the current database name to a new name.

The third section is named Copy database to. It allows you to copy over the data or structure from one database to another database, keeping the original data unchanged.

The last section allows you to change the database Collation. Pick the preferred one from the drop-down menu and confirm the modification by clicking on Go.

Database Table Operations

To perform the corresponding operations on a database table, you should select the desired table in phpMyAdmin and click on the Operations tab.

The Move table to section allows you to move the table with a new name under the current database or to move it under a different database.

In the Table options section, you can rename the table, insert comments, change the storage engine and the collation.

Using the Copy table to section you can copy the table with a new name under the current database or it can be duplicated in another database.

Under the Table Maintenance section you will find different options which will help you to maintain your database table: