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phpMyAdmin Repair and Optimize Database

This tutorial covers the following topics:

Sometimes the database tables can crash. Also, they should be optimized from time to time. This tutorial explains how to repair and optimize database tables through phpMyAdmin.

How to Repair MySQL Database Tables?

To repair a MySQL database, open phpMyAdmin, go to the Databases tab and click on the name of the desired database. Select the tables that need repair by ticking the check-boxes on the left of the table names. Then from the With Selected: drop-down menu choose Repair Table. The tables will be automatically repaired and you will be presented with a page showing the results from the repair operation.

How to Optimize MySQL Database Tables?

To optimize the tables of a MySQL Database, select all of the tables that you want to be optimized by ticking the check-box next to their name. Then from the With Selected: drop-down menu choose Optimize table. The optimization will be performed automatically and a new page will open that shows the result of the operation.